Monthly Archives: August 2014


CRTC probes wireless players over mobile TV

Canada’s telecom regulator is asking a series of tough new questions about the way three cellphone providers charge for live and on-demand television programming on mobile applications. The apps have become controversial because, for a fee of $5 per month, viewers can use their smartphone or tablet to watch up to 10 hours per month [...]

Cyber attacks have hit 36 per cent of Canadian businesses, study says

More than one-third of Canada’s IT professionals know – for sure – that they’d had a significant data breach over the previous 12 months that could put their clients or their organizations at risk, a cybersecurity study suggests. And as startling as that statistic may be, the actual number of breaches could be higher since [...]

Robots communicating with each other to form shapes

Kilobots robot swarm coordinates to form shapes They look vaguely like miniature hockey pucks skittering along on three pin-like metal legs, but a swarm of small robots called Kilobots at a laboratory at Harvard University is making a little bit of history for automatons everywhere. Researchers who created a battalion of 1,024 of these robots [...]

You can’t change the color of Facebook – it’s a virus

A scam app claiming that it can change the color of your Facebook profile page actually loads malware onto your smartphone or computer. More than 10,000 people around the world have been duped into downloading the malware, according to a Cheetah Mobile Security blog post. When Facebook (FB, Tech30) users click on the fake app, it sends them to a [...]

Ottawa to accept rural broadband funding projects in the fall

  As promised in the budget, $305 million is set aside to help boost access to 5 Mbps in remote communities. The Harper government is gearing up to accept proposals from Internet service providers wanting access to $305 million of federal funding to bring high speed Internet capability to 280,000 Canadian households that are still on dial-up or [...]