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BlackBerry launches Passport phone, Blend app

BlackBerry released its new Passport phone today, a keyboard smartphone with a 4.5-inch​ screen aimed at corporate users. John Chen, charged with turning around Waterloo, Ont.-based BlackBerry since last November, has said the company’s future rests on rebuilding its relations with the enterprise market, long a core of its business. The Passport is on sale starting today, available only at [...]

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BEAM E-Business Workshops October 2014

BEAM E-Business Workshops October 2014 Taking Your Business Online Video Workshop Taking Your Business Online is a one-hour video presentation of a talk given by Marc Soucie of Tweed & Hickory and KFS Logistics. An industry leader in E-commerce and E-marketing, Marc presents on strategies for small business success in accessing the digital economy. Drawing on many [...]

Women in Technology in Images

17 Rare Images Tell the Real Story of Women in Tech Tech isn’t a male dominated field, in many respects. Women are responsible for some of the core innovations that drive the Internet today. It’s increasingly important to remember as we read the disquieting stats about the industry. Diversity seeds creativity and it’s possible that women [...]

Cloud-hacking underscores risk of smartphone storage

On Sunday, hundreds of revealing photos of celebrities were stolen and shared around the world on the Internet. Apple, which is preparing to launch a new iPhone next week, says it was the result of targeted attacks on accounts storing personal data and not a direct breach of its systems. Regardless of how it happened, [...]