Monthly Archives: July 2016


Buzz on Small Business Week 2016

It may be a few months away, but we’ve started planning our Small Business Week event. We love to support the business community in the region by providing quality presentations based on real business needs. We’ve been listening to feedback from our stakeholders, and community members and are quite excited about the topic that we’re [...]

NEOnet Supports the BEC

We’ve solidified a partnership with the Business Enterprise Centre (BEC) to deliver outreach presentations to budding entrepreneurs. We’ve provided training to participants of both Summer Company, and Starter Company. As part of this partnership, Jill attended an event at Staples on June 29 to support Summer Company participants. The young entrepreneurs event at Staples provided [...]

NEOnet on the Road

As part of our community outreach, we travelled to Constance Lake to deliver a seminar on Excel to 16 participants. We covered the basics of the program and provided practical solutions to common business questions. We look forward to future opportunities. Our community outreach presentations can be tailored to specific community ICT needs. Our current [...]

Social Media Series: Marketing Innovation

Coca-Cola has found a way to stay relevant in a market that is slowly turning away from sugary drinks like soda. Coke’s integrated marketing strategies utilize both traditional and new media to create unique ads that tell a brand story across multiple channels. Coke employs social media as a way to invite consumers to be [...]

Social Media Series: Radical Metrics

Timmins, Ontario is experiencing a cultural renaissance. Young entrepreneurs with lofty goals and a high tolerance for risk are spurring a revolution in this mid-sized mining town. The organization that served as the catalyst for this change - Radical Gardens. Radical Gardens (RG) is a multi-faceted company that is comprised of a Certified Organic farm, [...]

Social Media Series: Innovating Supply Chain Management

Amazon is a corporate behemoth that dominates e-commerce and e-fulfillment. What started out as an online bookstore is now a complex online ecosystem that involves thousands of moving parts, including employees, suppliers, and shippers. As Amazon expands and grows, the need to innovate and streamline their supply chain becomes paramount. One of the ways that [...]