Monthly Archives: July 2017


Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Recently you may have seen more emails in your inbox asking to reconfirm your subscriptions—promotional offers and newsletters for instance. Under the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), organizations are required to now have expressed consent from individuals to receive mass communications, such as; Emails, Newsletters, Text Messages and promotional offers to a large audience. The most [...]

New and Exciting Changes to the STAMP Program (a technology assessment offered by NEOnet to SMEs)

Some changes have been made to the STAMP program, which will make the program more interesting to SMEs in Northern Ontario. These changes include: STAMP consultants are now able to engage clients throughout all of Northern Ontario, not just Northeastern Ontario. Participants now have the opportunity to fully access the program’s maximum subsidy: o   Applicants may [...]

Upcoming – Summer 2017

Thursday, July 20th, 2017, Kait-Lynn Gooch will be presenting to the Employment Options Emploi’s, Youth Job Connection participants, an overview on protecting yourselves online and Social Media; Etiquette, securing your accounts and the recent changes regarding Social Media platforms that are commonly used by youth and young adults. The presentation will use an Apple TV [...]

Android’s Hidden ‘Panic Button’ to Help Fight Malware

Have you ever gone onto an app on your phone and suddenly your phone is unresponsive and the app takes control of your device? Google has just released that Android Nougat update 7.1 which will have a sort of Panic Button for these circumstances. Google mentions that once you are in an application or opening an [...]