Social Media Series: Using Facebook Live as a Marketing Tool

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Social Media Series: Using Facebook Live as a Marketing Tool

Using social media as part of your business is an excellent way to interact with your customers. Did you know that you can use Facebook to live stream your events?

Video is increasingly popular across social media platforms and outperforms traditional text and images. Facebook states that users watch a video three times longer when it is live.

[1] Using video to complement your existing marketing and outreach activities is a great way to keep your followers interested and engaged.

Here’s how it works:

Logon to Facebook from a mobile device and click on the status update and then click Go Live. Facebook will then prompt you to describe your video. Once you’ve finished the description, click GO Live. A countdown will let you know when you’re live. Once you go live, a notification will be sent to all your followers or friends.

Once you’re finished broadcasting the video is permanently stored on your timeline.

Here are some best practices:

  1. Build buzz around your event and let your followers know that you will be going live.
  2. Describe your video correctly. Think up a great tagline for the video to attract viewers. Get people excited about what you’re doing.
  3. Use a closing signal at the end of your video. Make sure that your viewers know that the broadcast is coming to a close.
  4. Facebook recommends going live for at least ten minutes.
  5. Personalize responses to comments by using the commenters name.






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