Android’s Hidden ‘Panic Button’ to Help Fight Malware

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Android’s Hidden ‘Panic Button’ to Help Fight Malware

Have you ever gone onto an app on your phone and suddenly your phone is unresponsive and the app takes control of your device? Google has just released that Android Nougat update 7.1 which will have a sort of Panic Button for these circumstances. Google mentions that once you are in an application or opening an attachment from an email, tapping the back button 4 times repeatedly will Force Close the application. Doing this suggests that it may avoid infecting your phone, and potentially your computer when you plug in your phone via USB.

With all the data that some have on their phones such as; banking, Facebook, photos, and other email accounts, and with recent large Malware and Ransomware attacks globally since April, it is a good idea from Google to have more proactive measures in place. recently released an article regarding apps that are in ways a scam or a type of virus or malware making their way into the App stores. These included watching out for apps that appear misplaced (Music Apps while searching for Cooking Apps) they seem out of place, and to read the application’s reviews. If someone has purchased or downloaded the app and it did not behave as expected, most users are more inclined to review it if they are unsatisfied with it.

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