Another Successful and Well-attended NEOnet AGM

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Another Successful and Well-attended NEOnet AGM

On Thursday, April 20th, 2017, we held our 2016 Annual General Meeting was a success!

Forty-five people were in attendance, comprised of NEOnet members to staff and partners from across the region. These represented our Stakeholders, staff and Board of Directors; MPP Gilles Bisson was also in attendance.






NEOnet Staff with MPP Gilles Bisson


Our Chairperson Gerard Bruneau, called the meeting to order with a few encouraging words regarding NEOnet.

Director of Operations, Paul Ouimette, highlighted projects that took place and completed in 2016, during the updates of NEOnet we used ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and expertise for teleconferencing with our partner CGIS for some visual and project milestones for our Municipal Geographic Information System (GIS) project in 2016.

The meeting addressed the following highlights:

  • Success and completion of our BEAM III project
  • Updates on BEAM Aftercare
  • Moving forward with STAMP
  • What has been current and achieved in Education and Outreach
  • Social Media Success

Paul Ouimette also spoke in regards to upcoming activities and projects targeted for 2017, and updates regarding what the organization has achieved.
Guest speakers were Jeff Dean with CGIS Spatial Solutions, providing updates regarding the Municipal GIS project, and Tracey Potvin from MNP LLP providing our guests with the Auditors Report for the year ending December 31st, 2016.

During the closing remarks, Gerard Bruneau and Paul Ouimette recognized Board Members that have resigned and Cora-Ethier on her departure from the organization. They took the time to wish them the best and thanking them for their services. In addition
to the members that have left the organization, they also provided a few words for Sharon Jones, on her milestone 15 years with the company.

A Board meeting followed the AGM, where elections were held for the Executive.

Our Board of Directors for 2017 – 2018 are:


  • Gerard Bruneau – Chair
  • Gerry Talbot – Vice Chair
  • Paula Mangotich – Treasurer
  • John Bernstein – Director at Large


  • Denis Bérubé
  • Sally Braun
  • Guy Guidon
  • Steve Kidd
  • Monique Koski
  • Gilles Matko
  • Linda Semczyszyn


Our 2016 Annual Report is available on our website.

We are looking forward to this new year and the future of NEOnet in assisting Northeastern Ontario to implement technology to become more innovative.



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