BEAM Media Release

BEAM Media Release

North Eastern Ontario Communications Network Inc.

– Media Release –

TIMMINS, ON February 9, 2017 The next phase of the NEOnet Broadband for E-­Business and Marketing (BEAM) program is now accepting applications from northeastern Ontario businesses to help improve their operations with online e-­‐business solutions.    The BEAM Program helps mitigate some of the associated costs of establishing an online presence, or for the expenses related to implementing or upgrading e-business solutions.

Past investments of 1.5 million dollars by FedNor for the BEAM program have resulted in over 450 businesses developing e-­‐business solutions online.  These companies, in turn, have invested an additional 750,000 dollars in direct, development costs for their e-­business operations:

•     95% of the participants stated in their exit survey that without BEAM funding the e-­business project would not have taken place 

•   80% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) surveyed have seen an increase in business 

•     64% of SME surveyed have invested an additional 500,000 dollars in e-­business solutions 

BEAM provides a framework to help owners define their business objectives and ensure that the right technology ­‐ relative to e-­business ­‐ is implemented to achieve the desired outcomes.  The program provides a rebate for 75% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of 5,000 dollars.

The NEOnet E-­Business Specialist will work with the SME to identify their objectives and ensure the appropriate E-­business tools and solutions are chosen.  BEAM is designed to allow the firm to improve and efficiently implement e-­‐business applications, as the program focuses on how business objectives are going to be achieved.

NEOnet is located at 4715 Highway 101 East, Suite B-­142 (Northern College), South Porcupine, Ontario, P0N  1H0.    Hours of operation are  8:00 AM –  4:00  pm.  For more information  on the   BEAM program and funding opportunities for businesses, please contact:

Phil Barton, E-­Business Specialist

705-­360-­1353 extension 37.

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