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Cybersecurity Workshops

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2017, Paul Ouimette and Kait-Lynn Gooch travelled to Hearst with Alain Lefebvre of Great White North, for a cybersecurity workshop in partnership with Nord-Aski Regional Economic Development Corporation. The presentation was facilitated in French for the businesses in the community that wished to learn more on cybersecurity and how to protect their businesses online, and to keep their information safe and secure. It was well attended by 20 local businesses.

We hosted a second presentation in Kapuskasing, on Thursday, April 13th, 2017, with North Claybelt Community Futures Developmental Corporation.  The workshop was attended by 15 local business representatives. We are excited about these opportunities with our partners and delivering important content and workshops across the region.

Alain Lefebvre of Great White North, gave expert advice on cybersecurity, protection and ransomware, precautions to take, what you can do, and what to do if your business is attacked, and become infected. Some of the main questions that arose from the presentation were: how to be safe, what to do if it happens, how do you go about getting your information back, also, what to look out for. The core answer for all of these questions is to ensure a complete and verifiable backup of all your data either on a “cloud” based system or a local backup device; it is important that your backup not be accessible and kept offline and offsite until needed. It is also important to regularly check your back-ups.

Cybersecurity workshop on Hearst, on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 with Nord-Aski Regional Economic Developmental Corporation

Cybersecurity workshop in Kapuskasing, Thursday April, 13, 2017 with North Claybelt Community Futures Developmental Corporation

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