First Business and Technology Grant Awarded

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First Business and Technology Grant Awarded

NEOnet and the Northern College Entrepreneurship Centre have partnered to launch The Business and Technology Grant Award. This program is for young entrepreneurs, to assist them in reaching their next technological milestone. We are pleased to announce that we have awarded our first benefactor Anthony Gillen and his company Mine Safety Solutions. In the past few years, Anthony has been hard at work with his innovative plan to improve industrial gloves. Alongside his partnership with NORCAT, his next steps are to provide them with 50 prototypes of the gloves for testing in influential industries in the North, such as those related to mining.

Anthony has recently participated in programs offered by the Northern College Entrepreneurship Centre, Productivity and Innovation Centre and the Business Enterprise Centre. Most recently he has submitted an application for the BEAM program. The goal of the grant is to help support his next steps financially, which is to ultimately meet safety guidelines set out by the government and gain CSA approval. We are optimistic for Anthony and others that support and sustain the economic development and the use of ICT (Information Communications and Technology) in the North.


For more information on the Business and Technology Grant, please reach out to us, or visit the Northern College Entrepreneurship website. Also, visit our website for other programs offered by NEOnet.


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