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Far Northeast Training Board Workshops

Recently NEOnet had the chance to participate in two training events hosted by the Far Northeast Training Board.

  • Thursday, March 2nd, 2017, Laura Imhoff and Cora-Lyne Ethier, attended the FNETB Labour Market Planning Workshop at Cedar meadows to learn more about the issues that surround the local labour markets. The day consisted of looking at an overview of the stats and ideas that were brought forward at the last session. The FNTB brought forward the stats to be evaluated and interpreted during the first session and the second session was to come up with ideas for fixing the issues that we found prominent in our area.

The group was divided into three subgroups that each decided on a project that would help economic growth in the area. The issues were brought to life by project ideas from each group that were then presented to the everyone present. The exercise also included listing potential partners that would assist in bringing the project to life. These ideas will be tabulated for all regions and a plan of action will be put together and shared with participants and the public. This workshop was done in hopes of finding outside ideas and partners to work together as a region and ensure that the labour issues we are currently facing do not get worst in the near future.

  • On Thursday, March 9th, 2017, Paul Ouimette and Laura Imhoff travelled to Moose Factory, for the second part of the FNETB Labour Market Indicators workshop. This was again a hands-on workshop, participants looked at the available data and developed 4 projects for economic growth. The organization FNETB will be complying a report that will identify priority projects in Northeastern Ontario.


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