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Happy Halloween (tech in the holiday)

Trick or Treat! Halloween is nearly here, and while some may not think that technology in general and mobile technology plays a role in this holiday, actually, it can! From having a small GPS tracker in your child’s trick or treating bag or working together with your neighbourhood to see who is handing out treats to create a virtual map on mobile devices that children can follow.  There also are Apps that are already installed on smartphones to track friends such as “Find my Friends” that are available through Google Play on Android and the App Store in iPhones, this application track the location of your friends through GPS; you can also do this through Find my iPhone, or Find my Device, especially younger children to provide freedom to retrieve treats and most importantly safety at the same time. Wearable technology can also play a role in Trick or Treating safety – Smart Bracelets also track your location via GPS. But opposed to spending a haunting amount, look at something such as the MYNT Tracker available through Amazon, affordable and treat worthy – no tricks there!

Technology and this holiday doesn’t end with Trick or Treating Safety but also with decorations! From mini projectors projecting ghouls and goblins on your home, using lighting apps for spookier ambiance, or even a specialty 3D holographic sheet that projects creepy hand prints. With newer technology, decorating can be anything to everything spooky you want it to be. How about a fog machine? They might all seem high-tech and expensive, but they are actually more affordable today, that means you can take off your witch’s hat, and put the caldron away, these shouldn’t need casting of spells to attain!

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