Local Hotel allows you to access your hotel room using your Mobile Device

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Local Hotel allows you to access your hotel room using your Mobile Device

Before accessing your rooms have you ever been challenged with: waiting in line to check-in, calling or using third party booking services, providing your credit card over the phone or on third-party sites or misplacing your key-card? All are valid concerns that you may have encountered while checking in and to reserve hotel rooms. There is now a way that you can do this from your mobile phone and have everything stream-lined! – including check-in.

The answer is YES! Recently, the Timmins Hampton Inn by Hilton began offering a solution. While Timmins is not the first hotel by the chain that is releasing this fast-tracked process, it is the 4th in the province and 7th in the country! It addresses many different things from booking your room through their mobile App that is available for iPhone and Android Devices, the one downside is that you have to be a member to use this, but joining Hampton Honors is not only free but it is simple and quick. The App will also have your mobile key card, that can be used to unlock and open your hotel room.

This process will help you to avoid check-in lines, you can go straight to your room after booking and paying for your room and expires the date you have selected to check-out. No more leaving your keycard in the car, on the breakfast table or locking it in your room. This information was highlighted in Northern Ontario Business, while reading the article on it addresses that people tend to be more mindful of their phone, while not leaving it laying around or in most cases forgetting it. It also addresses some safety concerns including masking your room number in case you do misplace your phone.

But is there a downside? Once again referring to the article is that if you are “bunking” or sharing a room with multiple people the primary account holder will have the virtual key card. Kait-Lynn reached out to Hilton Canada Call center to get an answer to this question, the reply from the representative was: providing that the guest was also registered in the room with the primary person there shouldn’t be a problem with getting a physical key card from the front desk.

Innovative technologies installed, and in use within our region and an early adopter (top 10) in our country!

Get the App here!

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