Marketing Trends in 2017

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Marketing Trends in 2017

As 2016 is now behind us, new marketing advice and trends have emerged in the world of marketing. A topic of interest is from a Forbes article: “Instant” speeds up as the New Normal for Gen Z. This generation is greatly described as the generation that was born from 1996 upwards, it is the post 9/11 generation, the generation that has learned about it as a historical event. This topic relates to the federal Connect to Innovate program and our Broadband upgrade project closely as it describes that the “normal” for this generation is pervasive connectivity, instant speeds, faster upload times and everything can be found instantly on the web, opposed to asking questions and later getting a response. They ask a question and expect an “instant answer”.

This relates to the federal Connect to Innovate and the NEOnet Broadband upgrade initiative. Gen Z wants to be always connected. They are the ones that always need to be connected for social and education purposes. We looked at the project to helping the North, but as a larger scope, these are the people that it will have a larger impact on. They are the ones that expect this now, today and they expected it to have already happened yesterday. The impact on marketing is that it is inevitable to not have online information regarding your business if you don’t, the Gen Z’s will find someone else that does. In addition, it ties in closely with our outreach presentations by educating small and medium businesses (SMEs) that having a strong web presence and fast Internet and website response times for business is vital for growth – Gen Zs’ are the next generation of consumers.

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