NEOnet’s Young Women’s Initiative Was a Success

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NEOnet’s Young Women’s Initiative Was a Success

We partnered with Skills Ontario to host our first young women’s initiative. The event, Skills Work! For Women, was a great success. Over 50 students attended from Timmins, Iroquois Falls, Engleheart, and New Liskeard.

The girls took part in interactive activities like building a marshmallow catapult and networking with mentors and other students. They attended sessions where they were able to ask questions and hear first-hand accounts of working in the skilled trades.

The attendees asked the mentors questions about their educational backgrounds, career struggles and personal goals. The mentors represented a broad section of industries including web design, engineering, welding and education.

The goal of the event was to showcase the exciting careers that are available to young girls in the skilled trades and to promote local education opportunities. Encouraging bright local youth to remain in our northern communities will work to prevent youth out-migration and ensure that our communities have a supply of skilled labourers.

Thank you to Skills Ontario, all of our mentors, and all the young students who attended our event!



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