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Social Media Series with Timmins Chamber of Commerce

NEOnet has sponsored the Social Media Series workshops with the Timmins Chamber of Commerce.  Presentations in this series are being video recorded for both scheduled training considerations and as exclusive member content.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017, a workshop on Cyber Security was presented by Paul Brunet and Alain Lefebvre of Great White North Technology Consulting Inc.

The session covered: Ransomware 101 – a serious risk and expensive concern for companies.  Computer files are encrypted by hackers and the individual is told to pay a fee in order to obtain the encryption key to re-access their content. They also spoke and gave information on protection and prevention for these types of attacks.

Routine safety check-ups to prevent data-loss is important as is to have a system in place or an automatic routine for daily and frequent backups.  A good anti-virus program with malware detection installed on your computers will definitely mitigate some of the risk.

Thursday, February 9, 2017, NEOnet sponsored the E-Commerce Workshop and presented by Jason Perratt from Logikal Code.  Laura Imhoff was pleased to announce the official launch of our latest round of the BEAM funding program.

The session covered how to set up an e-commerce website and online store, and ways to accept payments from customers. It was informative and insightful to businesses interested in selling products online. Jason gave insightful information on hardware and software, also as to which platform they could use for their online store presence.  There were approximately 30 attendees from various businesses, all looking to learn more about selling their goods online.

The next session in this series will be ‘Facebook Tools for Business’ on Wednesday, March 8th. This session will be presented by Rosalia Rivera and Liselle Sambury from Newbie Media Marketing & Design.

To register for this workshop please visit our Event Calendar or the Timmins Chamber of Commerce

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