Gap Analysis

In the fall of 2009 NEOnet began conducting a comprehensive analysis of North EasternOntario to determine the availability of high-speed Internet. The majority of communities in North EasternOntario have access to high-speed Internet; there are however pockets that remain without service.

NEOnet is committed to changing this.

Ten years ago access to high-speed Internet may have been considered a luxury but in today’s digital economy it is an essential service. Access to broadband is essential from a medical, safety, education, economic development and social standpoint. Areas that remain without access to a reliable high-speed Internet connection are at a significant disadvantage.

Using Google Earth, NEOnet has mapped out where high-speed Internet service is available in the region. With the mapping exercise completed NEOnet will be working diligently with both the private and public sectors to develop a comprehensive strategy to implement service to all remaining un-served or underserved areas.