Timiskaming and Gogama-Foleyet Area Broadband Project

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Project Partners: NOHFC, FedNor & Ontera

Map of high-speed internet availability in the NEOnet region.

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By the end of December 2009, the Timiskaming and Gogama-Foleyet Broadband Project construction was completed. NEOnet and the 18 participating communities would like to thank FedNor, NOHFC and Ontera for their leadership and dedication to the project. Without their support this $7,100,000 ICT infrastructure project would not have been possible.

Residents of the Town of Latchford, Municipality of Temagami, Goodfish, Hough Lake, Chamberlain Township, Coleman Township, King Kirkland, Township of Gauthier, Gowganda, Nettie Lake, Foleyet, Chaput Hughes, Gogama, Gowganda, Sesekinika, Kenogami, Westree and Shinning Tree will benefit greatly from high speed Internet access.

The Timiskaming and Gogama-Foleyet Area Broadband Project was based on stakeholder input:

Our mission is to equalize access to the health, education and social services that our urban counterparts take for granted, and offer our youth a viable alternative to leaving the North.

Broadband access reduces the barriers of distance, geography, and lack of services. This project helps level the playing field and facilitates equal access to services and amenities taken for granted by our urban counterparts.

Ontera established a wireless broadband network using the Canopy Advantage system supplied by Motorola Canada Ltd. This system provides a last-mile link to subscribers and is particularly well suited to servicing dispersed, low-density population bases such as the communities involved in the project. The system features a number of wireless points-of-presence (POPs) also referred to as access points (AP). AP clusters are located at tower sites in the 18 of the participating communities. The wireless network is connected to Ontera’s existing fibre optic back-haul network at Timmins, Kirkland Lake, Englehart, New Liskeard and Temagami.


Getting to where we are today took a long time, I think six or seven years from the time we embarked on the broadband project but was it worth it. Rest assured that it was the most gratifying moment to see this project come to fruition when we were finally able to leave dial up connections behind and move to high speed Internet. A project that saw many people get involved leading to a classic example of what partnerships can accomplish. Provincial and Federal government, community, private sector and non- profit organization coming together to accomplish what was best not only for my community but for the region and Northern Ontario. A special thank you to NEOnet for being the champion that never gave up on us and worked right along with us to make it happen. Thanks to Ontera for their involvement and wanting to be part of the solution. Today we enjoy Internet that allows us to communicate with our friends and families, do on- line banking in minutes instead of hours, tele-education and tele-health opportunities. Congratulations to all those that were involved with this project. – Gerry Talbot, Gogama

Whoever was responsible or contributed to the possibility of high speed Internet in the Shining Tree area we are greatly appreciative. It is like a Ferrari compared to a go-cart. – Derek Mansell & Cathy Davis, Shining Tree