Cellular Expansion Project

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Project Partners: NOHFC, NorthernTel and Ontera

In the Fall of 2009 NEOnet received approval from NOHFC to amend the organization’s 2nd Cellular Expansion project scope to include 10 new cellular sites. All locations will be compatible with the 3G Network and sites will offer cellular and high-speed Internet capabilities. Without the support of NOHFC, NorthernTel and Ontera this $7,200,000 telecommunications infrastructure project would not have been possible.

The project is now complete, 10 of the 10 towers are live and have been since November 2011. This project has dramatically increased public safety and communications in the region, as several major service gaps have been eliminated. Increased telecommunication capabilities translate into increased economic development, public safety and employment opportunities.

Site locations:

  • Moosonee (Ontera) – Live
  • Mattice – Live
  • Dawson Point – Live
  • McCool – Live
  • Opishing – Live
  • Koko Lake – Live
  • Foleyet – Live
  • Halfway Lake – Live
  • Kamiskotia – Live
  • Godon Lake – Live
  • Val Rita – Live
  • Harty – Live

Cellular Coverage Maps