2010 SME Technology Promotion & Awareness Adoption Survey

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In the fall of 2010 NEOnet conducted a SME Technology Promotion & Awareness Adoption Survey. NEOnet reached out to over 100 SME in North Eastern Ontario to participate in an 11-question survey and had 35 businesses participate. With the survey findings, NEOnet was able to identify common trends and highlight where technology gaps exist within North Eastern Ontario.

Highlights from the Report

NEOnet was able to recognize, with only 70% of those surveyed utilizing the Internet for their business needs, businesses in North Eastern Ontario were more difficult to grow and remain competitive in the market. It seems imperative that businesses jump into the Social Networking stream, however only 4% of North Eastern Ontario businesses compared to a 2009 national BMO study of 70%. Social networking is a growing part of the ICT stream today, and many businesses in North Eastern Ontario are not using it to their advantage.

Whether starting up a new business or continuing to grow an existing one, social networking is an ideal way of placing the business and products in front of customers. Businesses need to develop business plans with emphasize on incorporating technology and formulating a clear plan for its adoption.

As per the survey findings, the business plan needs to focus on the purchasing, maintenance, and utilization of technology. Perhaps by encouraging those with business plans currently utilizing technology to encourage other businesses to do likewise, we could build a more connected North Eastern Ontario. NEOnet will be offering E-Business Seminars that will provide numerous tools and suggestions on how to get the most out of the Internet to help business owners grow a more connected and competitive business environment in North Eastern Ontario.

Download the 2010 SME Technology & Awareness Adoption Survey