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Since January 2002, NEOnet has been hosting technology awareness luncheons in Timmins and throughout the region. NEOnet believes that if people don’t know about the uses and benefits of information technology, they won’t adopt it. Once they realize the benefits, they are more likely to purchase and utilize the available technology at home or at work, therefore stimulating demand for these essential services.

To find out about the upcoming Tech Break Times, to be added to our distribution list or to speak at one of our events, contact Cora-Lyne Ethier at 705.360.1353 x31 or

NEOnet has recently begun to partner with other organizations to develop more engaging educational opportunities.

Tech Break Time topics have included:

No More Borders
Partners: NorthernTel
Speaker: Marc Soucie of Tweed & Hickory
Mark Soucie of KFS Holdings spoke about his success with online marketing and how Tweed & Hickory has secured a global customer base from their Timmins office.

Managing Your Mobile Assests
Partners: Ontera
Speaker: Dennis Higgs of Ontera
Dennis Higgs shared Ontera’s experience with Fleet Management; why Ontera felt there was a need, the solution they chose and the benefits they have noticed since implementation.

Search Engine Optimization – How to get SEO to work for you
Partners: Timmins Inns & Suites
Speaker: Kevin Vincent & Gurst Sagoo of SEOBiz Solutions
Kevin Vincent and Gurst Sagoo discussed how Search Engine Optimization works, and how a small business can increase their website’s findability.

Untangling your Information Web
Partners: Timmins Economic Development Corporation
Speaker: Mark Clarkson
Mark Clarkson discussed Information Management and how implementing a few simple practices will help business owners improve efficiencies & their bottom line.