The third round of the BEAM program has reached the end of funding and will no longer be taking additional applications. Please visit this page to stay up to date with any future developments in regards to the BEAM program.

In order to remain competitive in today’s digital marketplace, businesses must be using the Internet to their advantage. This means that to fully leverage the economic benefit of broadband access, businesses must not only be connected, they must also transform their business. The Broadband for E-business and Marketing Program (BEAM) helps alleviate some of the associated costs of establishing your business online or for the costs associated with implementing or upgrading E-business applications.

The BEAM program provides a framework to help business owners define their business objectives and ensure that the right technology is implemented to achieve the desired outcomes. It does this by addressing the gap between a non-technical business owner and their vendor, as business objectives are clearly defined prior to the implementation of E-business tools. NEOnet will work with the business to help them define their objectives and ensure the appropriate E-business tools are chosen. BEAM is designed to allow the business to identify and easily implement E-business applications, as the program focuses on how the business objectives are going to be achieved.

In conjunction with the program NEOnet requires applicants to participate in E-business workshops and training opportunities to ensure they are adequately equipped to utilise their E-business applications.

The BEAM program will now be divided into three components :

  • Basic website design: site architecture and layout, technical back-end coding, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile optimization/responsive browsing ($1,500 maximum funding)
  • Enhanced business operations: E-commerce functionality, customer relationship management, project management, enhanced analytics ($2,500 maximum funding)
  • Content and presentation: content writing and production, graphic design, photography services, Social Media Optimization, language translation services ($1,000 maximum funding)

Note: BEAM applicants are required to attend an introductory seminar. These short 30 minute presentations will provide you with information on eligibility requirements, the application process, and terms of the program. Following the seminar, applicants will be required to meet with NEOnet staff for a short consultation period at which point they will be given the access to the application form. These consultations can be done in person, via telephone or online video chat.

Please visit our Events page for upcoming BEAM intro seminars and program workshops. 


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