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BEAM funding is now available.  To apply, or to confirm eligibility, contact our E-Business Specialist.  or  705-360-1353 ext 37

BEAM provides a framework to help business owners define their business objectives and ensure that the right technology, in relation to e-business, is implemented to achieve the desired outcomes.  The program provides a rebate for 75% of eligible costs, up to a maximum of $5,000.  In conjunction with the program, NEOnet will require applicants to participate in a minimum of two e-business workshops to ensure they are adequately equipped to utilize the e-business applications.

The BEAM program addresses the gap between a non-technical business owner and their vendor, as business objectives are clearly defined prior to the implementation of the e-business tools.  NEOnet’s E-Business Specialist will work with the SME to help them define their objectives and ensure the appropriate e-business tools are chosen.  BEAM is designed to allow the business to identify and easily implement e-business applications, as the program focuses on how business objectives are going to be achieved.

The E-Business Specialist will assist businesses through the process, but NEOnet will not provide any financial contribution until after the work has been completed and the applicable receipts and information have been reviewed and approved.  Applicants that have completed an ICT (Information Communication Technology) assessment through STAMP (Small business Technology Assessment and Monitoring Planning) will only need to provide one quote from a (northeastern Ontario) vendor. All other program applicants will be required to provide a minimum of 2 quotes from local (northeastern Ontario) vendors.  A list of some of the known northeastern Ontario Vendors is available click here.  Applicants are not required to go with the lowest quote or to go with one of the northeastern Ontario vendors but they must at least consider three local (regional) businesses before making their decision.  The program is conditional to the availability of funding.

Workshops will be communicated to all approved applicants via e-mail and can be found on the NEOnet website –  or by calling 705-360-1353.

BEAM Applicant Checklist click here


  • Businesses operating on a full-time basis, with a valid Canadian BIN number, are eligible
  • Established seasonal businesses, such as tourism operations, are also considered eligible
  • Businesses must be located in the NEOnet catchment area click here.
  • Businesses from outside this area not serviced by a Community Network are invited to apply, as long as they fall within FedNor’s northern Ontario boundaries.
  • Hobby, non-profit organizations, municipalities and part-time businesses are not eligible.

Terms of the Program

Eligible applicants may receive a reimbursement of up to 75% of the supported costs of development ($5,000 maximum funding) for the following:

  • Basic website design: site architecture and layout, technical back-end coding, search engine optimization, mobile optimization,content writing and production, analytics, graphic design, photography services, social media optimization, language translation services, etc. will now be eligible to receive a maximum of $1500 in support;
  • Enhanced business operations: e-commerce functionality, customer relationship management, project management,e-business to e-business such as human resources, payroll, accounting, banking, suppliers, inventory, etc. participant will be able to maximize the full $5000 to implement new technology resources;
  • Site maintenance and ongoing costs are not eligible
  • Three years has passed since the completion date of the original BEAM-funded project.
    • If applying within three years of the completion of the original BEAM-funded project, a business may potentially receive funding if the original project received funding below the $5,000.00 funding cap. The new project is potentially eligible for funding of up to a maximum of $5,000.00 combined with the funding provided from the previous project.
    • Example: If my business received funding from the BEAM program in 2014 which totalled $4,000.00 and I am applying for BEAM funding for a project in 2016, my business is potentially eligible for funding of up to a maximum of $1,000.00, totalling $5,000.00.
  • Before you select a vendor or obtain quotes,  consult with the E-Business Specialist to review your project information and objectives.
  • Must have a minimum of 2 quotes from approved northeastern Ontario vendors; for list of vendors click here
  • Applicants that have completed an ICT assessment through STAMP will only need to provide one quote.
  • Quotes over six (6) months old will be considered invlaid and will not be accepted
  • At a minimum, eligible applicants must participate in two e-business workshops or webinars
  • Work undertaken prior to the date the application is received is not eligible for the program
  • A deadline of 120 days following program approval will be allowed for applicants to complete project development
  • Must complete a short exit survey/program evaluation for a claim to be processed
  • All applicant websites must include placement of the NEOnet logo for a period of no less than 6 months and the blurb, “Website developed in partnership with NEOnet Inc. Sponsored by Fednor”and hyperlink back to
  • Once NEOnet has received all requisite documents, reviewed development work to ensure its completion as specified, and applicant has satisfied all other program requirements, we will issue reimbursement

Proof of Payment

No claims will be processed without valid proof of payment. Please note: NEOnet does NOT make payment to the web developer. NEOnet reimburses the beneficiary.

NEOnet will only consider the following as valid:

  1. The front and back of a cheque with bank stamp clearly identified, which demonstrates that it has cleared the account, as well as a receipt from the vendor
  2. Visa/MC/Amex payment slips as well as a receipt from the vendor
  3. Debit card transactions as well as a receipt from the vendor
  4. A print version or print-screen of an online banking statement clearly identifying payments, and provide an image of the cleared cheques as well as a receipt from the vendor
  5. A final receipt/invoice, which clearly identifies charges and payments and a zero balance, with accompanying receipts for payment transactions for EACH payment made


To ensure eligibility, applicants are advised to complete and submit their application for approval before vendors begin work on the project.   Should an applicant conduct work prior to program approval, they do so at their own risk.  Once the application has been processed, NEOnet will contact you regarding your eligibility. If approved, your letter will include all details concerning maximum funds eligible and a timeframe for the completion of the work.   It will also include a mandatory agreement that must be signed and returned immediately.   You may then send copies of your receipts and proof of payment to NEOnet for reimbursement as per program guidelines.

It is not acceptable to move forward with the work prior to applying to the program.  NEOnet requires that you contact our office prior to moving forward with the work to help ensure that your business objectives will be met, that you meet program criteria and that program funding is still available.  If you need help finding a vendor please visit our website or contact NEOnet directly, 705-360-1353 or email

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