Small Business Technology Assessment Monitoring and Planning

Today’s contemporary economy rests heavily on a firm adaptation of modern means of communications, production methods and management strategies, all supported by information and communication technology (ICT). The Small Business Technology Assessment Monitoring and Planning (STAMP) project assists businesses ICT implementation obstacles, such as a lack of IT knowledge and/or capital for internal technological assessments. Businesses have an opportunity to have their ICT assessed by a qualified consultant.

STAMP provides a framework to help business owners define their ICT objectives and ensure that the right technology, in relation to their business, is implemented to achieve the desired outcomes. The program provides 75% of the cost of the STAMP assessment on the first $5,000, and 50% above the $5,000 to a maximum of $6,250. The consultant selected by the business will review all aspects of the business’ ICT operations and provide a report that outlines strengths and weaknesses and identifies opportunities to improve ICT efficiencies.

NEOnet will assists businesses through the process but does not provide any financial contribution until after the consultation, report and exit survey have been completed; and the applicable receipts and information have been reviewed and approved.  For more information contact us at

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