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The NEOnet team is ready and able to service northeastern Ontario's ICT sector through economic and community development, training and consultations.

Marie-Josée Filo, Interim Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, MJ oversees and manages all projects, programs and operations of NEOnet. With over 10 years of experience working with communities, MJ has worked in various industries, developing her project management skills. Her leadership roles have led organizations in strategic business planning, organizational growth, client acquisition, marketing, and program design and implementation.

Sharon Jones, Project Facilitator & Administrator

Sharon has been NEOnet's Project Facilitator since July 2002. Sharon provides critical support to the Director of Operations, she ensures that all claims are prepared according to the funding agencies’ requirements, and provides weekly budget snapshots for each project. Sharon maintains all records and financial accounts for the organization. She also contributes and works on many other NEOnet initiatives.

Kevin Murphy, Regional Business Advisor

Deanna Vien, Regional Outreach Coordinator

Deanna is NEOnet's Regional Outreach Coordinator. She communicates with project partners, applicants, and vendors, facilitates educations workshops, markets the projects and learning opportunities to the communities in the catchment area, and works with NEOnet's community partners to ensure ICT visibility in the region.

Ryan Blower, Digital Services Squad - Digital Advisor

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