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As a NEOnet member, we can help you to access information on regional technology projects, trends and issues. Our members include leading technology and telecommunications consumers and suppliers in north eastern Ontario, but you do not have to be a large corporation or public institution in order to join.

NEOnet continues to work hard to help many organizations and businesses across the region learn more about and apply telecommunication tools and technology. We are helping our members access information on regional technology projects, trends and issues as well as locating financial support for infrastructure and training.

NEOnet Member Benefits

  • Broadband advocacy and implementation expertise

  • Technology assessments and reports for your organization

  • Tailored education, training and one-on-one technology assistance

  • Municipal GIS projects

  • Project management

  • Proposal preparation

  • Assistance with funding applications

  • Ad placement before NEOnet education sessions

  • Networking events

NEOnet working for You

NEOnet provides free technology consulting and project management services for participating communities.

  • NEOnet has implemented a $4M high-speed internet project to connect 22 unserved communities in the Cochrane district.

  • NEOnet completed the implementation of an $8.5M cellular expansion project, consisting of 17 new cellular towers, providing over 90% coverage on our region’s highways

  • NEOnet is working on a new cellular expansion project to fill remaining highway gaps, that will see 10 additional cellular sites in Northeastern Ontario

  • NEOnet helped nine hospitals throughout the region secure funding for tele-radiology equipment, providing better access to radiologist & specialists, and reducing travel and medical evacuation costs

  • NEOnet worked with communities on the Virtual Town Square project, to make municipal services available online

  • NEOnet provided 40 small businesses with technology and e-business assessments

  • NEOnet developed a comprehensive gap analysis to outline high-speed internet availability in Northeastern Ontario.

NEOnet provides impartial advice to communities and organizations on technology trends, telecommunications solutions, funding mechanisms, and project management.

  • NEOnet distributes regular newsletters on technology issues relevant to northerners, and prepares complete reports on certain aspects of technology, such as wireless networks, VOIP, distance education and telecommuting among others

  • NEOnet hosts regular luncheons, gatherings and forums featuring speakers on various types of technology and their applications

  • NEOnet accessed funds to prepare technology development strategies for small towns with minimal cost to the participating communities

  • NEOnet developed a Technology Solutions Directory on its website, to allow local and regional service providers to display their profile and contact information, helping people in our region find the service providers they need in the region

NEOnet helps improve telecommunication services in our area.

  • NEOnet has helped close to 400 remote small businesses connect to the internet through the Satellite Internet for Remote Areas (SIRA) program

  • NEOnet continues to work on funding initiatives that will improve cellular coverage and broadband access in remote communities in our region

  • NEOnet hosted E-Business workshops to help small businesses understand the benefits of going online, as well as the step by step process to do it

  • NEOnet has secured funding to implement 80 wireless Internet access points in 14 North Eastern Ontario communities.

Please contact NEOnet if you would like to talk to us about a technology project or trend. We’re happy to make presentations to councils, Boards and community development groups.