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Caisse Alliance Marketing Fund

The Caisse Alliance Marketing Fund is here to help your business, organization or group in Iroquois Falls, Val Gagné and Timmins, connect with a professional Marketing Consultant to assess your current marketing initiatives and help build you a strengthened plan.

The Caisse Alliance Marketing will connect participating SMEs, not for profit, organizations and groups with a Marketing Consultant to help them ensure business continuity and survivability by improving marketing goals, strategies, and online marketing opportunities. These funds will cover the cost of the initial marketing assessment session to help guide businesses in the right direction for sustainability and implement a strengthened marketing plan. The program will be delivered in partnership with The Chamber and NEOnet.

NEOnet will provide educational sessions to familiarize businesses with the marketing avenues available today. The clients will select a marketing consultant from a list of local vendors to assist them in getting an online marketing strategy off the ground.

The goal is to help businesses learn to be confident in their online marketing, to guide them through these trying times and for the future to sustain their business online and off.

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Caisse Alliance

Caisse Alliance represents nearly 300 employees in 30 branches located in 24 Northern Ontario communities. Offering quality financial services to approximately 50,000 members, Caisse Alliance is proud to support the economic development of its region and remains a solid example of cooperation. With more than $1.8 billion in assets, it is the preferred financial partner of its members and the key economic driver of its communities. At the Caisse Alliance, we contribute to the success of our members through our cooperative values, the quality of our offer and the excellence of our services.

caissealliance.com, 705 268-9724, [email protected]
Contact: Monique Fortin or Alexandre Dinel

Timmins Chamber

As one of the largest accredited chambers of commerce in northeastern Ontario, the Chamber continues to build a strong business climate through advocacy, networking, information sharing and member programs, as it has for the last 70 years. Our initiatives allow businesses to become better equipped to handle the changing demands of the modern economy while working to make the legislative and policy changes needed to ensure that Timmins, the province, and the country are truly a great place to do business. We continue to create opportunities for our members through tailored programs, exclusive marketplace offers, expanding influence with policymakers, and creating lasting business relationships.

www.timminschamber.on.ca, 705 360-1900, [email protected]

Contact: Cameron Grant


North Eastern Ontario Communications Network Inc. (NEOnet) is a not-for-profit organization that is proudly supported by FedNor. NEOnet was established in 1999 and has since acted as the region’s information and communication technology (ICT) champion. The organization has a mandate to promote and develop the three pillars of the ICT sector: Education and Awareness, Application of programs to small and medium businesses and Infrastructure Enhancement.

neonet.on.ca, 705 360-1353 x36, [email protected],
Contact: Kait-Lynn Gooch