Holiday Season Approaching

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Holiday Season Approaching

You may have heard about last year’s online shopping mishap with the Hatchimals toys created by the company Spin Masters LTD. Independent sellers were offering the product at high prices or selling them as a type of scam. As you may know, there are things to always be aware of whilst online shopping such as: higher than normal prices, currency exchanges, not receiving your product, and unreliable sellers. To help you, do your own research on the things you buy and try asking yourself the following before buying a product online:

  •             Is the deal too good to be true?
  •             Is the source reliable?
  •             Is there a high price mark-up for the product?
  •             Do I trust the website?
  •             Did I get a receipt of the purchase/transaction?

The last question is very important. Most shoppers like having a receipt(s) in case something happens to the product or to verify that they have paid for what they are receiving. When online, you have to remember that: if you do not get the invoice, receipt or proof of purchase it is like you never purchased the item and with little recourse if something were to happen.

It is human nature in being excited & thinking you found a great deal online, but what happens when you do not receive it despite not getting it in the estimated shipping time? While shopping within Apps or even downloading apps, and shopping online, it is a good habit to read the comments and reviews on the merchants and items that they offer. The majority might be good, but you want to spot the ones that are negative, more people will typically say something if they have had a negative experience over a positive one.

Stay safe while online shopping this Holiday Season with help from NEOnet!

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